Growing up, we hear many lessons, tips and pieces of advice from our parents.  Some of the best though are from our moms.  This Mother's Day, we took quotes that were sent in by kids all over Southeast Minnesota and are helping make moms famous.

I shared the info below on the Y105FM Facebook page:

Let's make your mom famous!
What saying or quote did your mom say...All.The.Time?
On Mother's Day, we will share mom quotes on a letter board and see how many moms we can honor and make famous!  If you are needing a Mother's Day gift...this might be the perfect one!

Here are a few that some of you called me with today:
"Always be kind."
"Don't fart in public."
"Never go to bed angry."
"Eat your vegetables. It puts hair on your chest."

Check out the pictures, see if a quote from your mom is there!  Your mom would also want you to share this with other moms...because that is the best way to make these moms famous!

Famous Mom Quotes

Have another "mom quote" to share?  Add it in the comments below.

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