Minnesota's oldest deli has been around since 1949. The deli, called Cecil's, can be found in St. Paul. I've been there before and would highly recommend it!

Cecil's isn't just a deli, there's also a little restaurant in the back where you can order food made with the delicious stuff they sell up front. Only in Your State says that the owners "order their meats, cheese, and breads from high-quality sources" and the staff makes things like soup and dressings from scratch daily.

I mentioned earlier that I've been to Cecil's before. The reason my husband and I went was because he had been there before and said that their reuben is one of the best he's ever had. I can confirm that it's so freaking good!

Take a look at all of the delicious food Cecil's has to offer and more about their 70-year history on their website.


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