An Iowa man was playing a slot machine at Hard Rock when video surveillance showed him playing a slot machine and pressing a button on the touchscreen several times. He appeared to become frustrated and punched the screen.

Now, I know we can all get a little bit frustrated when playing a slot machine. Yet, punching the machine doesn't sound like the best idea.

According to the Sioux City Journal, the man, Tommy Goldberg, pleaded guilty in Woodbury County District Court to third-degree criminal mischief. The judge then sentenced Goldberg to six days in jail and credited him with six days already served. He was also fined $625 and ordered to pay $1,050 in restitution to Hard Rock.

How was this discovered? Well, Goldberg asked an attendant for help getting a voucher ticket that was stuck in the machine. The attendant noticed that the screen was shattered, and Goldberg told her it was broken when he got there...seems fishy, right?

That is when security went to the video replay and saw Goldberg punch screen. You know the rest of the story from there.

Now to wonder if that machine was going to payout anytime soon....the world will never know!

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