Minnesota is home to a ton of amazing breweries - many of which you can find right here in Rochester. If I was asked to name a well-known Minnesota brewery, Surly is the one that immediately comes to mind.

But Thrillist recently ranked the most underrated breweries in every state, and Minnesota's may not be too surprising if you've been busy filling out your Minnesota Beer Passport. According to the list, Minnesota's most underrated brewery is Fair State Brewing Cooperative in Minneapolis.

I wasn't too surprised, because I remember reading about how they boast one of the Top 50 craft beers in the country. I've been there a handful of times when I used to live in the cities, and I don't remember being disappointed. Yo u can browse through their site to see if any of their beers look interesting to you.

Of course, now that we're calling Fair State underrated, will that now make it overrated? We all might need to drink some of their beer to really find out for sure.

Source: Thrillist

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