If you didn't get your taxes filed by the April 17th deadline, don't worry, you can get them in today without being assessed a late fee.

The IRS said in a statement that they will not assess a late fee on anyone who files their federal taxes by April 18th. They are giving everyone an extra day because of a system issue that surfaced yesterday. Residents will have until Midnight today to file their federal returns.

Minnesota taxpayers who file today will not be assessed a late filing and payment penalties or interest by the department. If you were assessed a penalty fee, you will be notified via mail from the department and will have to follow some instructions for an abatement found on the department notification you received in the mail.

Throughout the system outage, taxpayers were still able to submit their tax returns electronically through their software providers and Free File. The system issue did not affect taxpayers who filed prior to April 17th or who used paper to file and pay their taxes at the deadline.


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