Get your purple 84 jerseys out...

It's official: The Minnesota Vikings plan to induct a pair of legendary wide receivers in the club's Ring of Honor in the 2017 season - Randy Moss and Ahmad Rashad.

Next to Cris Carter, "The Freak" has always been one of my favorite players to ever wear my teams colors.

Here's one of my all-time favorite moments of Randy's career, for obvious reasons:

It's also the moment I realized I hated Joe Buck as a broadcaster. But I digress...

Moss burst onto the scene in the magical 1998 season with a record-setting Rookie of the Year performance and soon went on to become one of the NFL’s greatest wide receivers.

He ranks 2nd in NFL history with 156 receiving TDs, 3rd all-time with 15,292 yards and holds the NFL’s record for TD catches in a season with 23 as a New England Patriot in 2007. Moss also went to 5 Pro Bowls as a member of the Vikings.

Rashad, like Moss, also bounced around the league and played for three franchises in the Cardinals, Bills and Vikings from 1972-82, but enjoyed the best seasons of his 10-year NFL career wearing purple. He played 7 seasons for the team (1976-82) and was a 4-time Pro Bowler.

I was way too young to appreciate Ahmad Rashad when he was a Viking (I was only a year old) so he'll always be the host of Inside Stuff to me.

However, that doesn't mean I haven't seen any of his highlights. Here is arguably his greatest catch in both his career, and Vikings history:

Poor Cleveland. Couldn't catch a break back then either.

Surprisingly this will be the first Ring of Honor inductees the Vikings have honored since 2013, bringing it's overall members total to 23.

You can read more stats and see a ton of highlight videos on both Moss and Rashad at


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