It is a video that is only 14 seconds long, but the Minnesota State Patrol does a good job of showing just how long a light is red as vehicles continue to roll through the intersection.

It seems to happen too often that people run red lights. Now, we don't have any idea of why vehicles are running the red lights, but I have a hunch, people lack the patience of waiting at a red light.

Yes, it can be annoying to wait at a red light, but is it worth getting into an accident? It is worth injuring or possibly killing another person?

See the video for yourself from the Minnesota State Patrol's Facebook Page.


Yes, it is just cars passing through the intersection, but five seconds after a light turns red? The Minnesota State Patrol also says that in the last three years, drivers running red lights have caused 22 fatal crashes and 2,000 injury crashes across Minnesota.

Those are some disturbing statistics. It seems as though vehicles should just wait at the red light.

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