You know the old saying, right? "Rules are meant to be broken" Well, that is unless you are from Minnesota apparently.

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In the latest study from LawnStarter, they looked back on 2020 and which states were the most rule defiant.

Minnesota was ranked as the 2nd most rule-abiding state in the country after everything was said and done, and frankly, it would only be too rude for Minnesota to be ranked first, right? (It's just not Minnesota Nice). Hawaii was the most rule abiding-state in the country.

"To find out who’s the most defiant of them all, LawnStarter compared the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia across 31 indicators of rule-breaking behavior, from underage drinking to illegal gambling to the prevalence of COVID-19."


Here are some of the key indicators in which Minnesota was ranked with 1 being the most defiant and 51 being the least defiant. Minnesota was also ranked 50th Youth Transgression Rank and 41st in Violent Transgression Rank.

• School Drop Out Rate; %; 2017-2018 - 17th
• Percentage of Children 19-35 Months with All 7 Recommended Vaccines; 2017; % - 49th
• Violent Crime Rate - 40th
• Sex Offenders per 100,000 Residents - 12th
• Adult Drug Use per 100,000 Residents - 25th
• Vandalism Arrests per 100,000 Residents - 31st

Alaska, Montana, and New Mexico were ranked #1, #2, and #3 as the most defiant states. When looking at Minnesota's neighbors, Wisconsin was rated #7, South Dakota was #12, North Dakota was #14, and Iowa was #34.


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