While the weather's been nicer as of late, most people would still say it's too cold to do pretty much anything but ice fish right now. However, this didn't stop one guy from trying to commit a crime, until it eventually did.

The last thing I would do after escaping the cops is hide somewhere outside, especially in the middle of the winter, but that's just me. According to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, 33-year-old Kenneth Shutes Jr. got pulled over while having a revoked license in New Richmond, Minnesota last week. To make matters worse, he had some weed on him too, so he took off running. And he actually got away from the cops and eventually found a swamp to hide in and camp out for a while.

He must have thought that was the perfect spot to hide because no one would ever think to look there! Well he was right. Too bad that was also the worst part of his plan because now he had a bigger problem... It was super cold outside, because Minnesota.

With it being minus-8 degrees Kenneth soon couldn't feel his legs in the cold and then couldn't walk and he soon needed a rescue. So in less than an hour after ditching those same cops, he wound up calling them for help!

They eventually tracked him down and took him to the hospital. Once he got all the feeling back in his legs, he was arrested.

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