Football season and the Super Bowl might be over, but a woman in Southeast Minnesota is still on cloud 9 after fulfilling a dream with the biggest game that the state of Minnesota has had in a while.  Meet Karla.

A few years ago, Karla read a story about a Mayo Clinic employee that helped out at a previous Super Bowl.  Curiosity and persistence took over after that and Karla worked to learn more with e-mails to the NFL and the host committee.   She was really excited about an opportunity to be part of the Super Bowl while it was in Minnesota.  This idea that started years ago was starting to become a dream for Karla.

You've seen the Super Bowl LII swag that 10,000 people received and Karla was one of the lucky ones.  She went through the interview process and was honored to be part of the crew that helped at the zip line and Nicollet Mall.  If you were in Minneapolis during the week of events, you may have seen Karla holding up photo signs and she could have been someone who gave you directions.  She was happy to be a smile to those who were in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl and this experience was a moment that she will never forget.

Karla and I had a great chat about the zip line and some favorite moments of her volunteering fun - including a photo of a celebrity that she had a chance to meet!

Watch the video below to see who that celebrity is and hear some of those favorite moments.  (She even gives all of you a few words of encouragement if you have a dream you are wanting to pursue.): 


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