If you have pets, you probably know that you have to keep an eye on them at all times! You have to think of what they are going to do and prevent it from happening. Well, this Minnesota cat owner let her guard down and accidentally washed her cat in her washing machine.

Stefani Carroll-Kirchoff is an animal lover from Maplewood, Minnesota who spends her free time volunteering with aminals according to WCCO. Normally before washing clothes, she checks the machine to make sure none of her cats crawled into it. The other day she was in such a hurry, she just threw the clothes in and went on with her day.

Felix, her cat, was in the washing machine and it wasn't until her clothes were still wet after the cycle was done that she realized that the cat had found himself in the mix. The article said that she pulled him out and ran him to the vet.

WCCO said that he is doing fine, but he is still in the hospital recovering. The family is worried about the vet bills because they can be super expensive. Through a GoFundMe page, the family has already raised over $15,000 to keep Felix alive.

What a sad situation, but it definitely a lesson for all of us with animals. Always check that your animals are free and clear of the washer before starting a load! We are wishing Felix a speedy recovery!

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