A couple from Plymouth, Minnesota, is warming hearts and going viral for their incredible gesture toward the bride's mother, who is battling Alzheimer's.

According to this incredible article from KARE 11, Stephanie Gefroh and her fiancé, Bryan Fish, originally planned to be married May 2018. However, her mom's Alzheimer's diagnosis had Stephanie realizing that waiting another year and doing it in Detroit Lakes, three hours away from where her mom was living in Devils Lake, N.D., may be too much to ask.

So she did the unthinkable... The couple moved up their wedding an entire year AND planned it in just 25 days!

As you can see by this amazing video, Stephanie and Bryan tied the knot on May 27th of this year in her mom's backyard in Devils Lake.

Was it all worth it to Stephanie? Absolutely:

“I love her. She’s my mom. She’s still my mom. She’s in there somewhere,” Steph said about her decision to change her wedding plans to accommodate her mother.

If that's not amazing enough, Gefroh has started a Facebook support group for those who have parents Alzheimer's.

Today, 5.5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s Disease, 200,000 of them have Early-Onset. For more information or for advice and statistics on the disease itself, click HERE.

(Video Credit: KARE 11)

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