I thought it was the cold that sent retirees away from Minnesota but turns out it just might be the taxes.

Minnesota is the second-worst tax-friendly state for retirees, according to USA TODAY Money.

Minnesota, coming right behind Nebraska, has Minnesota has a 7.3% sales tax and a 7.05% income tax. State tax levels on social security are the same as the federal level.

Minnesota is one of many states that tax benefits from social security, which is one of the reasons that us less desirable among other states in the U.S. Here is what Andrew DePietro of GOBankingRates told the USA TODAY.

"If you don't have income tax and you don't tax Social Security, you're going to be a great destination for retirees, even if you didn't make the top five," DePietro said.

Minnesota also has an income tax and a sales tax that aggregate together enough to boost it to the 2nd on a list you might not want to be on if you are trying to attract retirees.

"You don't have to be the worst tax in each category, but if they aggregate together, that's how you get a very bad ranking," DePietro said to the USA TODAY.

Combine rough winters will a high tax rate, and Minnesota is a no-go for retirees. Florida is the most popular destination, even though they come in 7th on this list. The weather another obvious factor.

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