Minneapolis Mayor, Jacob Frey is showing his comedy chops in a new video welcoming visitors to the cities for the Super Bowl....except for Eagle fans. As you have seen in the media, Vikings fans were treated horribly in Philadelphia. They were called names, pelted with beer cans and even beat up. It has left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Lots of Vikings fans have decided to rally support around the Patriots (none of us thought we'd ever say that but here we are saying it).

So, Minnesotans, take heart in knowing we've still got our humor and what better way to see this represented than by the Mayor of Minneapolis! Can't imagine previous Mayor Betsy Hodges making a video like this. She was edged out by Frey in the last election. He had only served one term on the city council. This guy is making waves and I suspect we'll see more of this. Enjoy the video! Watch it till the end. So. Hilarious.

Credit: https://www.si.com/nfl/video/2018/01/30/minneapolis-mayor-welcome-super-bowl-52-eagles-patriots

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