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A lot of people have expressed frustration with the Med City Mover, that little driverless shuttle you may have seen scootin' around Downtown Rochester, Minnesota. Or maybe you've been caught behind it...why is it taking forever?

If that's what you're thinking at that moment, God bless you! A lot of people have been, as people are wont to do, expressing OUTRAGE at the speed of the mover. Its gets in your way and the next thing you know you're late. Gah! Will this city's madness never end?

If it's that big a deal, then I need to quote a 14-year-old kid I heard about recently, "Chill out."

To be fair, yes, it does move at about 15 miles per hour, and MnDOT's Mike Dougherty says, " know, people do get impatient, but if you really look at the route, it's only going, you know, a matter of few blocks in each direction. So, while it might cause you a momentary delay, is your delay 20 seconds later to get to the stoplight or 30 seconds later to get to the stoplight?"

MnDOT's Mike Dougherty (James Rabe)
MnDOT's Mike Dougherty (James Rabe)

I've been behind it, and it is annoying. Annoying that it reveals my poor "pay attention" skills and how I like to getwhereI'mgoing! The next time you're behind the Med City Mover, take that kid's advice and chill out. It works equally well when on social media. Do you really want to be known as the person upset they were delayed 20 seconds.

Give yourself the gift of 20 seconds...or, even better, take a ride on it and get to know it. It's only a 20 minute ride and it's free. Tap PLAY to hear where to get on and off the Med City Mover - Click here for transcription.

How Do You Hop on Board the Med City Mover?

James - Can you just hop on board or are there planned stops?

Mike - There are two stops right now, from 9 AM - 3:30 PM on weekdays. And then I believe it's 10:00 AM to about 5:00 PM on weekends. Go ahead and get on at the marked spot at the Rochester Food Coop. Or just when you turn the corner at the Gonda Building on West Center Street.

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Here's the route...

Photo From Med City Mover project site
Anticipated Route for the Med City Mover. Map from Med City Mover project site courtesy of MnDOT.

The Med City Mover automated shuttle project is a partnership that involves MnDOT, the city of Rochester, Destination Medical Center, Mayo Clinic, First Transit, and EasyMile. It’s the first driverless shuttle project to travel the streets in Minnesota.

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