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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Center has issued another urgent call for donations of Type O-positive and Type O-negative blood.

A news release from the Mayo Clinic says, in emergency situations, Type O-negative blood can be infused in anyone because, even if it does not match their blood type, it has the least serious reactions for most people who are given it.

"We are continuing to suffer a national blood shortage. As a result, blood products are still difficult to bring in from external sources to supplement our local collection capabilities," says Camille van Buskirk, M.D., medical director of the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program. "Despite these dire blood product shortages, the constant need for blood products for our patients remains."

The American Red Cross says blood supplies nationwide are at the lowest levels seen at this time of the year in six years. Officials say the shortages are due to a drop in donations and steady demand.

"One whole blood donation can be made into three different products to go to three patients. A single whole blood donation can go a long way in providing the lifesaving blood that is needed for patient care. We greatly appreciate the generous and kind support of our Rochester community in helping us to ensure those blood products are available for a loved one or other patients in need," Dr. van Buskirk says.

For anyone who has recently donated blood, there is a 12 week waiting period before they are eligible to give another donation. The break between donations is needed for the body to replenish its blood supply and maintain healthy iron levels.

Anyone interested in donating is asked to contact the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program website.

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