In Stewartville, we got around 10 inches of snow, which was much more than what we saw in the Preston area last night and today. On my drive home Friday night, the roads were not in a favorable condition at all, so if you do plan to drive Saturday morning drive with extreme caution.

I took some photos around 9:00pm on Friday night in Stewartville, as the snow was still coming down at a pretty solid rate. When I left Preston, the wind and snow where blowing pretty good, but it was much lighter compared to what was in Stewartville.

You can see a photo from our parking lot in Preston compared to some photos in Stewartville.

It was a pretty wild day with some pretty extreme weather. I was actually expecting more snow down in Fillmore County and the surrounding area, but that ultimately didn't happen. The storm was definitely driven more near the Rochester area.

Lucky for me, I was able to get out of the shoveling process again, but my commute to and form work took a much longer time than expected. Please, please please take your time to get to your destination tomorrow. The roads were still covered last night.

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