There is a video going viral right now that has everyone freaking out about swimming while there is lightning. The video is super cool, but is it really lightning?

This video leads people to believe that lightning hits the river. I'm not going to lie, it had my gullible self convinced. I've never seen lightning hit water, so I was memorized at how cool it looked. Nature does crazy things, and to me it's believable. Check it out:

According to Snopes, it is NOT lighting. They say "when the video is slowed down, it is easy to tell that the “lightning” strike doesn’t come from the sky, but from a wire on the hill."

Check out this screenshot:


So what is it?

Snopes says "it seems most likely that a detonation cord was used to dislodge a stump or a tree from the river. Regardless of the exact reason for this explosion, it’s clear that this video shows the work of a dredging company, not a bolt of lightning."

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