Highway 35 runs along the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River. While the road borders the river on its west side, it also borders some pretty steep bluffs on the east side. It turns out the rocks on those bluffs aren't always so stable.

The Rock in the House tourist attraction in Fountain City, Wisconsin, was born when a 55-ton boulder came careening down one of those hillsides back in April of 1995 and came to rest after crashing into a house at the bottom.

Thursday morning, nearly 21 years after the Rock in the House boulder fell, another large boulder has come down onto Highway 35 around nearby Alma, Wisconsin. Fortunately, it didn't take out any homes. More importantly, it didn't come crashing down on some unsuspecting motorist. Can you imagine the carnage if it had? In any case, it sure made a mess on the highway. Check it out for yourself in this post from the Buffalo County Wisconsin Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

Near Dairyland Power Plant on Highway 35 Alma! Large boulder fell from cliff mid morning.

Posted by Buffalo County Wisconsin Sheriff's Office on Thursday, March 31, 2016