think you know Devon Krueger, do ya?  Having worked at KFIL with Devon for the past ten plus years, I thought I knew him too.  We sat down and did an informal interview.  It's pretty difficult to get this shy, reserved, timid guy to talk about himself.  NOT!  But, here you go, Krueger fans, everything you always wanted to know about the voice of southeast Minnesota sports.

Devon J. Krueger was born in the small town of Baldwin, Wisconsin July 28, 1980.  Sadly, Devon's father passed away several years ago.  I have had the pleasure of meeting his mom, Lindsey, and it's evident where Devon gets his sense of humor.  Devon's brother, Darren, works in law enforcement in Wisconsin.  Devon and his terrific lady, Allie Thompson, a Rushford native, are tying the knot in September of this year.  Allie is an amazing person who tolerates Devon's love of sports - especially his dedication to the Packers and Badgers.  She must REALLY love him!  Back to the basics.  Devon graduated from Glenwood City High School, class of '98 where he majored in being the class clown.  He continued his education in the field of radio broadcasting at Brown Institute.

On to Preston.  KFIL took a chance on this scrawny kid from Wisconsin and hired Devon as a full-time announcer in May 1999 for the ten a.m. to five p.m. on-air shift.  Devon recalls that the computer system crashed two days prior to his first day at work and his first two weeks were spent reloading songs and ads into the automation system.  Bryan Berg was KFIL's Sports Director at that time with Devon doing color commentary during high school sports broadcasts.

  Mr. Berg retired as Sports Director and Devon took over the position in 2004 and continues in that capacity to this day. Devon also worked one season broadcasting Augsburg football for T.W. Productions.  For two seasons, he was the voice of Winona State women and men's basketball in '06 and '08.  The Winona men were National runner-ups in 07 and champs in '08.  Perhaps Devon was their good luck charm?

Is there life outside KFIL? Devon is a busy person.  Not only is he Sports Director, calling high school sports broadcasts and hosting Coaches Corner, he also is a full time Account Executive at KFIL, and spends time in the field - literally - interviewing cows during June Dairy Month.  In his spare time - what spare time? - Devon is a not-too-shabby bowler, likes to golf and watch sports, sports and more sports.  Yes, Devon, I definitely see a pattern here.  I repeat Allie must REALLY love him to put up with all those sports.  He's also a member of the Fillmore County Fairboard.

Devon's voice and personality are ideally suited for a radio career.  I asked what his alternative career choice would be.  To my surprise, he responded that as a little feller he wanted to be a truck driver.  I can't picture that truthfully, because there is no one to talk to on those long hauls, and Devon is definitely a talker!  As a sideline, he said he would like to be involved in coaching; well imagine that!

 Following the guidance of his mentors, his mom and his Uncle Tom, Devon has achieved success and accolades some people only dream of.  He was honored with the Distinguished Service Award from The Region 1 Athletic Directors in 2008.  Devon comments that he is always proud and humbled when he receives compliments about his sports casting, stating "it's my whole reason for being in radio".

My final question "if you win the Powerball, what would you do with the money"?  Not surprisingly, he quickly answered that he would help friends and family.  And he would own at least two Ford Mustangs - the classic ones!  But he would also continue his sports casting career.

There you have it folks, the nutty Devon Krueger in a nutshell. You are a true asset to KFIL, KVGO and southeast Minnesota high school sports, Devon.  I'm proud to call you my co-worker, and more importantly, my friend.