A huge kudos to the stores that are closed on thanksgiving, allowing their employees to enjoy their holiday with their family. Being closed on thanksgiving also gives the employees rest, so they are ready for the 'Black Friday'.

As of late, many stores are opened on the night of Thanksgiving, but this list of stores from nbcnews.com, are staying closed on the holiday. I also know that SCHEELS at the Apache Mall in Rochester will be closed on thanksgiving as well, but will be open on Friday morning.

I personally think it is important to give retail workers the rest needed on thanksgiving to be prepare the massive shopping day. I have never been a big shopper on 'Black Friday', but that is only because I wouldn't be able to handle all the craziness. So many people in not a small place. Yeah, not the place for me!

Thankfully, we can get a majority of the same deals online, which is wear I'll do all of my shopping!

Make sure you check the list, so you know which stores will be closed on thanksgiving, if you are out and about.