He's tackled a lot of jobs in his day.  Now KFIL's Devon Krueger will tackle the job of bartender.

Yep - bartender!  Rack's Bar and Grill in Spring Valley will hold a Celebrity Bartender Night Saturday April 30 from eight till midnight.


John Fenske, Spring Valley Park and Rec Coordinator and well-known local coach, joins Devon to serve your favorite adult beverages. Don't make it easy on Devon by ordering a beer or Captain/Coke. Give him a challenge and order up a Long Island Ice Tea or Bloody Mary!  A tip battle will ensue with Rack's matching dollar-for-dollar for a local charity. Live music and drink specials round out the evening. Sounds like a great, star-studded night that you don't want to miss! Hopefully Devon won't be dressed like a beer wench.  Fenske and Krueger - be there!