Sure, the nearly half a foot of snow (or more) that fell across the Bold North Monday was a big story, but that wind whistling across the Land of 10,000 Lakes was so fierce, it caused a major river to flow...north?!?


Yeah, sure, the snow that fell in Rochester-- all 6.3 inches of it-- set a new record for snowfall on March 5th. That's impressive. And, of course, many parts of the state received even more snow than that.

But the winds across Minnesota yesterday were also impressive. In fact, several places noted that winds were gusting between 45 and 60 miles per hour yesterday, with sustained winds of around 20 to 30 miles an hour. Yeah, THAT'S windy.

Because I'm a certified weather geek, my wife got me a way-cool weather monitoring station last Christmas that tracks all sorts of weather categories, including wind speed. So since December, I've never seen wind gusts get over 18 miles an hour-- until yesterday, that is. Before it started snowing yesterday afternoon, I recorded sustained winds of 25 mph with a gust of over 36 mph at our place in northwest Rochester. That's no 60 miles an hour, but it's still pretty windy.

And, it was so windy up in St. Paul yesterday that Fox 9 TV recorded this video clip of the mighty Mississippi River... flowing north?!? Whoa. Now THAT'S windy!

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