There are so many different ways to put Shrimp together, just as Bubba taught us. You know, the amazing Bubba from Forest Gump.

Did you forget? Here check this out from Movieclips via Youtube.

All you need to create your own Shrimp concoction is some FRESH Shrimp! Well, Kedron Family Farms in Spring Valley wants YOU to win a pound of Fresh Shrimp just by listening to 103.1 KFIL!

Listen in on Tuesday mornings in the 9am hour for the cue to call, which will be Bubba reading his list of Shimp recipes! When you hear it, give me a call at 507-765-3344. Be caller five and win!

That is a pound of fresh shrimp! Their shrimp is never frozen and is full of the best flavor!

We call this the Great Shrimp Giveaway, and is a chance for you to win a pound of fresh shrimp courtesy of our friends at Kedron Family Farms!

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