Home cooked meals are something that some people take advantage of. Me? Not so much. I love a great home-cooked meal, and according to Only In Your State, Carl's Corner is the best place to go to get some chicken and some mouth-watering home-cooked meals in Minnesota!

Ironically, I know the owner's son! How weird is that?

The place is called Carl's Corner and it is in Essig, Minnesota, which is a small unincorporated town near New Ulm, Minnesota. I have never heard of the town myself until this past summer when I worked for the Rochester Honkers. Adam, the owner's son, he talked about his place called Carl's Corner and how it has the best chicken in Minnesota.

WCCO-TV named it the best place to eat chicken in Minnesota in 2014, so Adam wasn't lying.

You know the place is good when the town it is located in has a population of 60, but the Facebook page has nearly 3,000 likes! The chicken is that good, and if a small, unincorporated town can create some great food and lasting memories, it is worth the drive to check it out!

If you are ever in the Mankato or New Ulm area, you might just have to try the best chicken place in Minnesota! I know the next time I am over there, I definitely will be headed to Carl's Corner for the hometown feel and some great chicken!

Have you ever been to Carl's Corner? It might be worth checking out!

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