I often wonder how other people pronounce cities in the State of Minnesota. We know that people have an awful time trying to get the words out of their mouth.

Us Minnesotans can say them with no issue, but when others try to get it done, well, they fail. Hard. Check out these Californians attempt to say just a handful of Minnesota cities via Movoto Orginals YouTube Page.

That was only a few out of many towns in Minnesota that are practically impossible for others to pronounce. Here are my five personally favorites:

1. Embarrass

Good ol' Embarrass, Minnesota. It is located in the Iron Range of Minnesota, and it's name probably makes it's residence feel the exact same way the town is named. Maybe they are proud of it, I am not sure. Either way, it is the best Minnesota town name in Minnesota.


2. Cologne

Cologne, Minnesota is located about 30 miles from Minneapolis in Carver County. It is figuratively close enough to Minneapolis to smell it....get it? This is one of the greatest town names in Minnesota just because who would actually believe this is a name of a town? That is exactly what makes it great!

3. Welcome

Welcome, Minnesota, is located in South Central Minnesota, and I guess welcomes people to our lovely state. I am not sure where they came up with the name, but it turns out it is named after a person by the name of Alfred M. Welcome, who farmed on what has became part of the town.

4. Nimrod

Nimrod, Minnesota. Where do we come up with these? Nimrod is located up in Wadena County in northern Minnesota. Is there anything else to say about this town name? It is flat out one of the best!

5. Shakopee

Shakopee, Minnesota may always be one of my favorite city names in Minnesota. Why? I am not sure, but the way it just flows when you say it is awesome. Shakopee is always home to some premier Minnesota entertainment including Valley Fair and Canterbury Park.

What do you think is the best town name in Minnesota? What is your favorite?




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