I love hanging out with my friend Jenny, but it's always a challenge finding a place that she can eat. She has celiacs disease, and unfortunately far too many restaurants and bars ignore the allergy. Some will claim it's gluten-free and send food out that still tests positive for gluten. I didn't realize how bad it was until I became friends with her. Anyway, one thing she very rarely gets to drink is beer. We found a brewery that is completely gluten-free and delicious!

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

Burning Brothers Brewing pride themselves on being a completely gluten-free facility. Their website says they are gluten-free from grain to glass. We had the Roasted Coffee Ale and the Parched Lime Shandy - so good! Plus, the brewery has a really cool vibe. It's worth checking out! You can find them on Thomas Ave in St. Paul.

Not only is the beer gluten-free, but they invite gluten-free food trucks to set up outside on a regular basis. We dabbled in the Crazy Puppy food truck, and holy wow was it ever delicious. I just have to throw this out there, but the gluten-free fried food is WAY better than normal fried food. We had fried green beans, cheese curds, corn dogs, and cookies.

Is this the only gluten-free brewery in Minnesota? Have any other great recommendations for restaurants or bars?


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