Sports betting has really seen an uptick in usage ever since the internet boomed. Now with it being easier than ever to place a bet on your favorite team, the government is taking notice.

According to the Star Tribune, it is a behind-the-scenes effort to place the framework of what Minnesota would do if sports betting became legal nationwide.

The U.S Supreme Court constitutionality of a law Congress passed that bans states other than Nevada from legalizing sports betting. With that, Minnesota wants to make sure that if this ruling is flipped, that it is prepared to regulate it and tax it.

"If the Supreme Court removes the ban, and if we do nothing, the offshore sports books will flood social media and scoop up bettors who think they are regulated, legal and taxed," Rep. Pat Garofalo told the Star Tribune.

The state will not submit a sports gambling bill that the tribal casinos don't approve of.

It looks like Minnesota will be ready to legalize sports betting if the Supreme Court overturns a law on the books, but until then sports betting remains illegal in Minnesota.

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