If anyone reading this has a phobia when it comes to earthworms, consider this your official warning. Because there's a new type of invasive species that's been spreading throughout Minnesota. They're creepy. They're definitely crawly. And also...jumpy?

The Olmsted County Department of Environmental Resources has issued a warning to Minnesotans about a type of earthworm known as the "Jumping Worm." They look just like regular worms, but when disturbed, they'll start thrashing ("jumping") and move in an "S" pattern like a snake. GAH. That is creepy.

So how can we stop the spread of these demonic creatures? Officials are asking the public to check their leaf/grass piles before dumping them off at a compost site. Clean soil and debris from vehicles, equipment, and personal gear before moving to and from a work or recreational area. Oh, and if you see one of these critters at home? You are officially given permission to destroy it with a vengeance. GAHHH.

More info here.

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