Your work up a huge sweat, wear yourself out, just to clear the driveway after a big storm. Then the plow comes by and leaves that huge hump in your driveway! How to keep that from happening! It's actually pretty easy IF you start with the first big snowstorm.

If you didn't do it yet, don't worry. Plenty of time now to do this miracle cure so you are locked in and ready to go. I've set it to start at the part where MnDOT Mike tells us the ultimate Snow Plow Poop Hack!

How simple is that? Where I grew up we couldn't do it because there were trees that filled that space, but I do it here and it makes a huge difference.

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The worst part of the plow poop is that it comes after you've gone to work, so it sits there all day. Maybe getting some sun, and melting a bit, which makes it an ice block when you get home. GAH!  Definitely, try this hack to save your back.


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