My step son is super athletic. We have yet to find a sport that he's not good at. He's been playing soccer, basketball and football for the past few years. He's interested in baseball as well, and now, he brought up the "h" word. I'm not the kind of mom that wants to tell her kiddo no to a sport. I'm a firm believer that sports shape you in many ways, because I too have always been an athlete. BUT, what if we pay for all the equipment, and turns out he doesn't enjoy it. Let's be real, hockey is not a cheap sport to play.

Fortunately, you can find out if your kid loves it for free! There is a free hockey clinic coming up in April right here in Rochester. At the clinic players, ages 7 to 12, will break out into age groups and rotate through stations to learn the fundamentals of the game!

When: Sunday, April 8th

Where: Graham Arena

There is limited room available, so pre-register here. 


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