We were warned all weekend about the impending snowstorm.  Preston received a lot of rain overnight and Monday morning.  My yard was worthy of holding a mud bog competition.  The snow finally started around 11:30 Monday.  By noon, I thought, if I'm ever going to navigate the hill leading to my house, I better head home soon.  So I called an end to my work day.  I pulled into my garage about three minutes before the city snow plow went by - whew that was close!  By the way, big kudos to the Preston road crew for the great job today.
So, here I am, home early from work.  What do I do now?  I'm not much of a TV watcher, and even less of a movie watcher.  After about 20 minutes of an afternoon talk show, I was so over that.  Pulled out the book I'm reading about the wife of magician, Harry Houdini; fascinating read.  Started my paperwork for a youth bowling tournament I'm in charge of.  Put another mile on my treadmill.  There went the afternoon!  Dinner and time for a short nap before settling in to watch one of the few shows I get into - The Bachelor.  I know, how pathetic is that!
That was my snow day.  I will be glad to go back to work tomorrow.  How did you spend your day?

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