October is National Pork Month and 103.1 KFIL has teamed up with our friends at the Fillmore County Pork Producers to make sure you can celebrate with delicious pork products!

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All you have to do is enter in your information below and you'll be entered in to win a $50 gift card good for pork products to Rushford, Preston, and Harmony Foods!

In Minnesota, pork is huge. Minnesota ranks 2nd in the number of pigs raised and 2nd in value of the pigs. Minnesota pig farmers marketed 16.9 million pigs in 2020 and there are more than 3,000 pig farms in Minnesota.

Pigs are valuable, too! $7.28 billion in economic activity was generated thanks to Minnesota pork production in 2020 Gross sale in pork from Minnesota pig farms in 2020 was $2.2 billion. In addition to Minnesota pig farmers, raising pigs creates an additional 44,000 jobs like construction, trucking, feed milling, accounting, food processing, etc

Pork has a huge impact on Minnesota's economy and the environment around us. Minnesota is a pork state, there is no doubt about it, with abundant corn and soybean production, it provides grain for high-quality swine rations. Also, the innovative and experienced pork farmers make it great to keep the industry going.

October Pork Month is great, and winning bacon even makes it better! Enter for information below so you can win!


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