I went to college with one of the most wild guys you could ever meet. His name is Josh Arndt, from Madelia, Minnesota. I called him up last night and I'm pretty sure he is one of the most wild vicars in California, and we earlier this year he entered to win a contest online.

Josh is legally blind, but I have many times totally forgotten that while talking and hanging out with him. He lives a very active lifestyle; on the farm he just can't operate the vehicles and all that machinery. He can ride his bicycle-and he does. He rides it around now and goes on excursions in whatever town or state he might be at the time. It's just that he gets a bit too much use out of it that he would like a new one.

Unfortunately, Josh did entered a not win the bike, but today I want to wish him a happy birthday! Maybe someone should get him a new bicycle for his birthday!

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