Imagine this. You are sitting on your couch, waiting every so patiently for that ever import package. You look out the window, and it is a drone delivering it to you.


Yeah, it could happen. UPS has already tested this phenomena in Florida, although it is several years away, this test has put the project on notice. According to THIS article from

They tested the project in Lithia, Florida, and it could be just a matter of years before we start to see this kind of delivery system in the rural areas of Southeast Minnesota.

The drone used a pre-programmed flight path from a delivery truck to get to the correct location. It carried the package in a steel cage, and drops it off at the location. It then flies back to the van, where it plugs itself into a battery charger.

Thanks to UPS via Youtube you can check out a full video of the drone at work. It is pretty impressive.

How weird is that? Technology is a funny thing, and a few years down the road we might see this in Southeast Minnesota. Obviously there are many kinks to work out, but the drone did drop off the package successfully.

How would you like to see a drone dropping off a package on your doorstep? It might freak me out a little.

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