Fiber internet will soon be available for Harmony residents.

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Harmony Telephone made the announcement Monday at Selvig Park that it is investing $2.5 million to provide fiber to city residents.

Tri County Electric
Tri County Electric

Jill Huffman, Harmony Telephone CEO, said the company has looked into grant opportunities and the board weighed the benefits and costs associated with making the investment themselves verus applying for funds.

“We are actively involved in the community. The city is more densely populated than the areas where we’ve secured federal and state grant dollars. In the end, Harmony is the homebase for our business and the board took action to move forward to invest in our community,” Huffman said.


As a self-funded project, means it can move forward with construction now. Residents will see signs of fiber going into the ground this month. Once completed, the project will provide service for just over 500 locations within the city limits of Harmony.

“Fiber is a gamechanger. It provides opportunities. Employees can work from home, it enhances learning for students, and it allows local rural businesses to thrive,” Huffman said.

Huffman said providing fiber is just the first step.

“My team is extremely excited to provide this reliable internet service and help subscribers set up wireless networks to allow for things such as telecommuting, real-time video monitoring of property and equipment, and viewing of streaming services. We don’t just put the fiber in the ground and leave, we have a robust customer service team right here,” Huffman said. “As a company owned by three cooperatives, we know customer service is our top priority.”

Residents with questions about the Harmony fiber project can contact Harmony Telephone at 507-886-2525.

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