When I was in college, I interned for a local radio station. At the end of my semester, I believe that my takeaway was a few college credits and two free pizza coupons. As a fan of pizza, I wasn’t complaining. But that’s definitely not as cool as what 8 interns will earn after their summer internship with Harley-Davidson.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is currently looking for 8 college students or recent graduates for a summer internship. What do they have to do? Build bicycles? A stint in the sales department? Nahhh. They just have to get paid to ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle while posting about it on social media. Seriously.

Oh, I forgot to mention that they get to keep their free motorcycle at the end of their internship.


Anyway, if you’re over 18, love motorcycles, and are planning a career in social media, feel free to look through the postings here.

Source: WCCO

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