The Grand Meadow Superlarks beat the Mabel-Canton Cougars 51-47 in game two of the boys/girls double header on KFIL Tuesday night!

The Superlarks were able to outscore the Cougars 15-11late in the second half to capture the victory. Grand Meadow led for a majority of the first half, as the Cougars struggled to score early. Yet, Cordanda Vickerman and Courtney Graves were able to start the scoring for the Cougars, as they were able to cut the lead to 17-16. The Cougars than took a 18-17 lead after a bucket by Vickerman, who finished with at team-high 13 points.

The Superlarks would not let the lead last long, as Kaitlyn Hilton hit a three to take the lead at 20-18. Lexi Thorson, who finished with 10 points, then answered the call with a three of her own to give the lead back to the Cougars at 21-20, but the Superlarks were able to get the lead back on the next possession.

The Superlarks took a 28-23 lead into the break, but Mabel-Canton came out of the break at a good pace, tying things up at 31 before taking a 33-31 lead with 12:53 to play in the game. Grand Meadow did a great job of switching up their defense, causing turnovers and getting extra opportunities late in the game.

TSM Rochester / Luke Lonien
TSM Rochester / Luke Lonien

The Superlarks were able to force some turnovers, and retake the lead for good at 42-39. The Cougars were forced to foul, and Grand Meadow made their opportunities at the line to seal the 51-47 victory.

Jordyn Glynn of Grand Meadow collected her 1,000th carer point in the first half, she finished with 15 points! Congratulations to her for that awesome accomplishment!

KFIL Subway Player of the Game (Grand Meadow) - Riley Queensland

KFIL Subway Player of the Game (Mabel-Canton) - Lexi Thorson

Kingsley Mercantile Game Ball - Jordyn Glynn (Grand Meadow)

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