My weather app sent me a notification today that made no sense at all. I do wonder if I was the only one to receive it?

I get it. We live in Minnesota and freezing rain is possible in the month of April...heck, even in May! (Although I hope it doesn't!) When it is sunny outside and the forecast says we are going to reach 61 degrees, I find it difficult that we could have freezing rain.

Yet, here is my weather app, notifying me that freezing rain is going to start at this precise time.

Ummmmm. Okay? What was the weather app thinking? I had to do my own investigating.


Yep - No freezing rain out here.

I guess either someone at the weather app had a couple of cocktails this morning and sent out the notifcation accidentally or something. Either way, they need to go home from the day.

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