I have never been a deer hunter. I guess I have never had time as I am a little busy with the harvest and fall fieldwork. The last few years I have allowed a friend and his son to come out to the farm and hunt deer. I have watched them put up cameras before the season to learn the patterns and behavior of the deer and then strategically locating their deer stands and little houses they hide in. So, I have learned there is a lot of skill, knowledge and patience needed to be a deer hunter!

There is no question that there is some luck involved too. You may have done everything right but the day or days when you are in your stand or blind, maybe that big buck just does not happen to come by? Maybe it does, you take a shot and miss? I know a deer hunter who got a 10 point buck last weekend so you could say he was skilled and lucky? Well, I guess it depends on how you look at it. The problem was he did not get the buck with his shotgun. He hit it with his nice big 4 wheel drive pick-up on the way to his deer stand!

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