A Rochester, Minnesota business is celebrating a gigantic 55th birthday on Sunday, May 1st, with cupcakes, a food truck, and free plants!


Flowers by Jerry in Rochester, Minnesota Celebrating Huge Birthday with Free Plants!

Although we are still feeling a bit cold in Minnesota, quite a few people are ready to start planting flowers in the flower beds and hanging plants.  I know I am!  I've got a couple of my favorite spots to buy flowers below but if you are looking for a free plant, check out what Flowers By Jerry announced on Facebook.

What if I told you... every plant you see on this cart will be free to a good home for one day only? Stop by our birthday party this Sunday between 10am-2pm and pick out a free houseplant until this rack runs out!
A new plant shipment JUST arrived yesterday! We picked these guys out from the greenhouse because we needed to make room for new arrivals. Some of these plants need a little extra TLC and others we just threw on this rack for fun because we know they’re your favorite varieties! Come party with us and leave with a new plant baby! - Flowers by Jerry on Facebook


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Petunia Flowers
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If you are getting antsy and are wanting to buy perennials and annuals now, you aren't alone.  You might want to wait just a tad bit longer, because Minnesota is still freezing, but when you are ready, check out these flower hot spots for amazing selections.

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