On a beautiful day for baseball, the old folks held on to defeat the current Cougars baseball squad.

Beautiful Day for Baseball

Saturday morning, the tradition was continued. Whoever could make it came back to Mabel to play against the current Mabel-Canton Cougars. At the end of the day, us old guys came out with the win, although the next-day soreness is still being dealt with.

We sat in the first base (visitors) dugout. I pondered if we should really be the home team since most of us called Mabel home for more years than a lot of the current players. My first plate appearance, I did the sabermetricly right thing, and took my walk with a full count to get another man on base. Scampering down to 2nd on a passed ball, I later came around to score. Then came defense.

I do play some vintage baseball in the summer, so the higher velocity I faced in my plate appearances was something I must have adjusted to. Now though, I got to use my glove in the outfield. There were no errors made by me in either left field or right field. (Thanks to the infield for catching my throws!)

My second at-bat I went up hacking and was down 0-2. I expected a pitch down and away and got it, but the batted ball couldn't quite get through the right side, as I made the out to end the inning. My next appearance was a walk on 5 pitches in the top of the 6th, so my hacking was over. After six and a half innings of play, the old folks led 12-4.

Then we let Coach T pitch. He did a heck of a job behind the dish, but let's just say we held on to win 12-10.

It was a perfect weather day for it, and I hope to play more ball in the future. Maybe I won't be as sore next time. How did you spend your weekend?

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