You may have noticed huge faces in the crowd during the Twins home opener against the Cardinals at Target Field Tuesday night, and your face could be next.

Yes, the Minnesota Twins said today that fans can purchase a huge two and a half foot tall cutout of their face that the Twins will place in the lower-level of Target Field during the 60-game season.

For season-ticket holders, it's $40 and for everyone else, it is $80.

According to the baseball clubs' website, the huge faces will be authenticated and returned back to them after the 2020 season is complete. The team even dropped some best practices for taking the photo:

Best practices on submitting your photo:

  • A Twins hat is encouraged! But, don’t wear it too low
  • One individual per image
  • Be sure to stand in front of a blank wall for contrast
  • Face the camera straight on
  • See image for example

Also, isn't it kind of crazy that people will pay $80 to get a cutout made of themselves so they could maybe see themselves on TV? You don't even get to pick your seat.

There is a whole list of rules that the Twins cannot print on the cutouts too, including:

  • Commercial advertisements, including slogans, websites and phone numbers.
  • Social media handles and hashtags.
  • Offensive or negative references to any MLB team.
  • Names of any MLB players.
  • Statements or endorsements of political candidates.
  • Images with more than one face.
  • Third party marks, logos, branding

Would it be a cool keepsake? Absolutely. $80 just seems a bit out of my price range to have my face at the game. I've boughten a ticket to watch the game with my actual face at a lower price.


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