The Fillmore County Sheriff John DeGeorge announced Tuesday that the procedures at sheriff's office will be going through some slight changes.

According to a Facebook post by the Sheriff, residents of Fillmore County could see some changes in a response to the COVID-19 pandemic including responding to calls via phone or having people step outside to talk when responding to a call.

"You may see a slight change in some of our procedures in the near future. When a Deputy is called for certain property crimes or cases, some of those instances may be handled over the phone if possible. If a Deputy responds to a call, they may ask the people involved to step outside to chat. If a Deputy is called to respond or assist with an individual who may have COVID-19, they will likely be wearing protective equipment."

There is also no contact visits at the Fillmore County Jail, and the jail will not be doing public fingerprints.

"Until further notice, our jail will not be doing public fingerprints.


There will be no contact visits at the Fillmore County Jail.

If you call 911 or non-emergency dispatch by phone requesting assistance, dispatch may ask a few questions to evaluate if anyone involved may show symptoms of COVID-19. This will be done to properly inform responding personnel.


Thank you for your understanding as we all navigate this difficult time together. Rest assured that these measures are in place to help prevent the spread of the disease, but also to protect the Deputies, Police Officers, Troopers, EMT's and

Firefighters as they continue to fulfill their duties.


No matter what happens, we will always be here, providing a professional response to any public safety threat."


You can always stay up to date on responses to the Coronavirus on our station's apps.

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