Fillmore County Sheriff Tom Kaase has been in Law Enforcement for 33 years, and reached out to the masses with a big 'Thank You' post on the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office Facebook page:

It is always great to see community leaders, like Sheriff Kaase, interacting with the community and also thanking them for being able to serve us. I think we owe Sheriff Kaase a big Thank You, has he has served many different communities now for over 30 years.

Putting protecting your community over yourself and your family is never an easy thing to do. I have had family members serve in law enforcement, and it can really put a strain on a family. Family events, sporting events and holidays get missed and moved around because the officers and deputies have to go to work.

So, I thank you, Sheriff Kaase, for putting your community first for over 30 years! Congrats!

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