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Fillmore County Public Health issued a statement on Facebook over the weekend that they were grateful for the outpouring donations to help great their donation goals in response to COVID-19.

Back on April 11th,  Fillmore County Public Health set the goal of collecting 5,000 masks and 500 gowns to be distributed based on community needs. As of June 27th, that goal was met.

"5,440 sewn masks, 318 gowns, and 956 yards of fabric have been donated and distributed to at-risk community members, nursing homes, assisted livings, group homes, clinics, and other critical infrastructure settings. Of the masks received, 3,135 were crafted locally and 2,305 were received from FEMA."

According to the Facebook post, around 60 volunteers and organizations. Fillmore County Public Health wanted to thank everyone who helped archive the goal.

"Community partners have determined that gown levels are adequate based upon donations and purchased resources. Based upon this information, the community donation goals have been met for this time. Approximately 60 volunteers and organizations helped reach this goal. Fillmore County Public Health thanks all the volunteers and organizations who helped with these efforts. This information will continue to be updated as additional donations are received."

Fillmore County Public Health is continuing to collect donations and disperse them.

"If you still have masks or gowns to donate, Fillmore County Public Health will work with you to collect and disperse them. Please call 507-765-3898 to make a donation appointment. Thanks for your help and support!"

For more information, you can visit the Fillmore County, MN Facebook Page.

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