Sunday, the Minnesota Department of Health confirmed one new positive case of coronavirus disease in Fillmore County, and the first one in a child.

Fillmore County Public Health released an official statement Sunday morning stating that the MDH confirmed a new positive test in a female child.

Fillmore County Public Health went on to recommend to keep youth at home as a strategy for helping maintain the health of at-risk individuals, health care workers, and the public.

As of March 29th, there are six confirmed coronavirus cases in Fillmore County including in one female aged between 10-19, one female in her 20s, two males in their 40s and two males in their 60s.

The Minnesota Department of Health Sunday reported four more COVID-19-related deaths in the state, while 252 people have recovered. That increased the total to nine, while the total number of confirmed cases has risen from 441 on Saturday to 503 on Sunday. Half of the patients have recovered and no longer need to be in isolation

The number of completed COVID-19 tests as of Sunday was put at 17,657 (16,000 on Saturday). The percentage of positive cases remains at less than .03.

You can read the latest numbers from the MDH, along with which counties have been affected, here.

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