If you're from Minnesota I'm sure you're well aware that Lindsey Vonn grew up learning to ski at Buck Hill in Burnsville. She's an incredible skier but like with any sport you do at such an intense level you can't do it forever. Your body will hate you if you do!

Lindsey has had multiple knee surgeries and Bring Me the News reports that she says her body is "broken beyond repair." That's why she's retiring after next week's World Championships in Sweden.

Naturally, with knee surgeries, you'll get x-rays of your knees. But either Lindsey grew a paw or the below x-rays are not hers!

A news outlet based out of the UK called Daily Mail recently posted on their Snapchat photos of what they thought (key word being "thought") were x-rays of Lindsey Vonn. Turns out they were very wrong.

The top x-ray with all of the pins? Sure, if I was gullible enough that day you probably could have fooled me and told me that was a human x-ray. The bottom x-ray? No. Way. That is 100% a paw. How did someone mess up that bad?!

Daily Mail did take down the post but of course, it lives on in this tweet.



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