Were you Today Years Old when you found out there was such a thing as an Easter Tree? I was, and to be honest, I think it's a great idea. You don't have to haul a big ol' evergreen into your home. In fact, they're kinda small.

You and I aren't alone. A LOT of people are interested in Easter trees...

With our second Easter in lockdown imminent, Sainsbury’s says searches for Easter trees on its website have surged by 977% compared to the same time last year. (Yahoo Entertainment)

Searching Google for them, I found no Rochester or even SE Minnesota stores (not even Target) selling them, but here's a few I found on The Amazons...


When I saw my first Easter Tree I thought, "Well this is a cool new thing." Nope. The Germans have been doing Ostereierbaum (decorating trees and bushes for Easter) for centuries, so it seems natural that the Easter tree, along with the Christmas tree, crossed the USA.

Easter is the day Christians say with love and hope, He Is Risen!"

The DIY Easter Tree

If you'd rather make your own, cool beans. House Beautiful says the simplest tree is done like this...

Collect some branches from a tree about to bloom and place them in a jug (preferably one with a solid base so you don't see the water). Purchase a few pastel coloured eggs to hang from the branches, or blow your own eggs and paint them.

You could also buy plain white eggs and dip them in glitter – these will contrast beautifully against the brown of the twigs. Place the jug on the sideboard and add some arrangements of bulbs, narcissi or daffodils, candles, and finally, some pots of mini chocolate eggs. (LINK)

Obviously you can get much fancier, and they have much fancier versions of DIY Easter Trees here, but c'mon. You've had a long day and you need a good night's sleep. Have some water, wine, ice cream, or all three and plan to do this next year.

BTW - Looking for the Easter Trees I found what is technically a "Christmas" decoration, but can you think of any reason why this shouldn't be on a tree full of eggs?

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This may seem like a downer, but please, scroll through the following pictures. For many of us, Easter is a time where we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead and taking his place next to his Father. The ultimate family reunion, you know? So, take a look. Maybe you'll be able to help reunite a child with their family.

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