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That warm weather we enjoyed on Easter Sunday this year set a record-- and couldn't have been more different than the Easter of 2020.

You gotta love spring weather here in Minnesota, don't you? Pretty much everything CAN happen-- and HAS happened, from record-setting warm temperatures to freezing weather with nearly a foot of snow, to severe weather with thunderstorms and even tornadoes.

In fact, the last four Easter Sundays here in Rochester show just how different our spring weather can be. Now, you might be able to explain away some of the differences given the fact that the date on which Easter Sunday falls is different every year (unlike, say, Christmas, which is always on December 25th.)

But still, if you look back over the last four Easter Sundays here in southeast Minnesota, you can see how different Mother Nature can be, depending upon her mood. Chris Kuball is Chief Meteorologist at ABC-6 in Rochester, and he posted some interesting Easter weather Minnesota's Med City has experienced recently.

If you go back four years, to Easter Sunday in 2018 (which fell on April 1st that year),  it was cold, with lows bottoming out at 12 degrees. But then if you look at Easter Sunday in 2019 (when it was later in the year, on April 21st), it was hot-- with a high of 83 degrees.

However, on Easter Sunday last year, during the early stages of the pandemic and our Stay-At-Home Order here in Minnesota, we were treated to nearly 8 inches of snow! (I don't know about you, but I only vaguely remember it snowing on Easter 2020-- I think it's because we couldn't get together with family and Easter ran together like just about all the days seemed to last spring.)

And this year, of course, we were back to warm weather for Easter. Record-setting, even. The mercury unofficially topped 80 degrees at Rochester International Airport on Sunday, April 4th, smashing the previous record high temperature of 77 degrees, which was set all the way back in 1942!

It was so warm Sunday, it almost seemed like summer, didn't it? Of course, the first couple of times it gets warm, there are some telltale signs here in Minnesota the warm weather is here to stay. Like the smells of summer-- some of which I definitely noticed on Sunday. Keep scrolling to check out some of Minnesota's best almost-summer smells!

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SCROLL & SNIFF: Smells That Mean It's Almost Summer in Minnesota

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